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Marina Services

• The club has 230 slips available, with vacancies filled by seniority.

• The tender operates 8 a.m. - 10 p.m. on weekends and holidays. Hours may change for special events and always after Labor Day. Restricted to members who have purchased a pass.

• Dinghy storage is available on racks at the north edge of the parking lot.

• Drysail storage is available to all members who own boats small enough to be launched from one of the small derricks. Space is assigned by availability, boat type and seniority. If space is tight, recognized sailing fleets get priority.

• Our two small derricks each has a 3,000 lb capacity. For use by members who have drysail contracts or have paid large-derrick fees as part of winter storage.

• At the fuel dock, gasoline, diesel fuel, lubricating oil and holding tank pumpout are available. Hours coincide with tender service.

• Members may tie up for free at any face dock for two hours. Any longer, you must register with the dockmaster and tie up at an assigned location. Overnight docking at any time is subject to fee, waivable at the dockmaster's discretion.

• Before Memorial Day, members can use transient slips for free, but only with permission of the slip licensee and provision of a certificate of insurance. 

• After Memorial Day, rent is charged for use of transient slips and must be arranged with the dockmaster or club manager.

• Winter storage for boats and spars is allocated by seniority. The large derrick handles up to 15 tons and boats up to 55 feet. Lift privileges are not limited to haul-in and haul-out. 

• The club-owned lot on the west side of the county parking lot may be used by any member for storing a skid or trailer after launch or before haulout for not more than three days without fee.

Winter Storage and Derrick Operations

We are able to store approximately 80 member boats on our grounds in the winter.  Our main derrick can lift boats up to 15 tons.

Derrick operations are not "full service".  That is, the club provides one or two skilled operators and the member is expected to provide the rest of the labor to haul out, launch and move boats within our property.


Fee Schedule


 40 ft   $1694 plus tax
 45 ft  $2165 plus tax
 50 ft  $2684 plus tax
 60 ft  $3860 plus tax



 Dockage NON-Members  $1.60 / ft plus tax
 Dockage Members  $1.10 / ft plus tax
 Dry Sail per space (14-16ft)  $208 plus tax
 Dry Sail per space (17-20ft)  $227 plus tax
 Dry Sail per space (21-24ft)  $278 plus tax
 Dry Sail per space (25-33ft)  $367 plus tax
 Dinghy Rack Fee  $82 plus tax
 Kayak Rack Fee  $82 plus tax
 Tender Service  $300 plus tax
 Large Derrick Haulout or Launch  $3.50 / ft plus tax
 Winter Storage (incl. lift, storage & launch)  $2.25 / sq ft plus tax
 Large Derrick Spar Lift or Step  $2 / ft plus tax
 Spar Storage  $2 / ft plus tax
 Large Derrick Midseason Lift  $3.50 / ft plus tax