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What's it Like to be a Member?

It's different for everyone. You can carve out your own experience and pick your context. But we believe one thing is true across the board. Among private clubs in metropolitan Milwaukee, South Shore Yacht Club gives you a great experience at a reasonable price..

We sometimes chuckle among ourselves about being called the "Cheers" of yacht clubs. But there's a grain of truth. We absolutely are the place you can go where everybody knows your name.

We're also sometimes called "the people's yacht club." And again, the label sort of fits. Our founders wanted to make yachting attainable for a broad spectrum of society; and their dream lives on. At SSYC, steamfitters and surgeons are buddies. The CFO has a beer with the welder. No one here puts on airs. When we say everybody is welcome, we mean it. It's the heart and soul of who we are.

So if you want something more "exclusive," you wouldn't be happy here. On the other hand, if you're looking for a friendly, embracing refuge, you've found a new home and a new family.

Other Ways We're Different

• This club was hand built by a tribe of hardy, determined and resourceful do-it-yourselfers. Our current tribe is pretty much that way too. No one will ever require you to join a seasonal work party. But you might want to when you see how many other fellow members are chipping in.

• Boaters around here also tend to be unusually self reliant, doing their own repairs and maintenance. You can't help but soak up knowledge just hanging out. Our membership includes some of the area's top marine professionals, from boatyard owners to master repair technicians.

• Our members use the club heavily - not just in the warm months. There are well-attended parties and food & beverage specials throughout the entire year. During football season, for example, every Sunday, we throw the most fun Packer party in town. For the Big Game, whatever it may be, we morph into Milwaukee's ultimate sports bar.

• Social members are part of the gang. That they don't own boats doesn't matter. You can be a social member at South Shore Yacht Club and never, ever feel left out.