A Brief History of the Club

LilyE 20South Shore Yacht Club had a very modest beginning in 1913, when a group of men decided to form a club that would channel their interest in sailing into one cohesive effort - SOUTH SHORE YACHT CLUB. Many of those men lived close to the lake, all of them lived in Bay View.

There were several important years since then - milestones in the growth of the Club:


The Club was organized


The schooner LILY E is purchased to serve as a floating Clubhouse.


South Shore Yacht Club and the Steel Mill Yacht Club join in forming one club


The LILY E succumbs to age and is scuttled; she is buried under the parking lot
and lies just outside the main gate.


The present Clubhouse is dedicated, and the famous Queen's Cup ® Trophy
is deeded to the Club.


The first bank of slips is built.


The Club celebrated her 75th Anniversary!

The past 100 years have seen good times and bad times, in fact, during the Depression, some of the members found it difficult to afford the $5.00 annual dues!

But the Club persevered and grew into one of the largest on Lake Michigan, through hard work and the dedication of it's members. The present Clubhouse was completely built by the members. That same dedication persists today.

So, from a very humble beginning in 1913, SOUTH SHORE YACHT CLUB has grown to a Club that is the envy of many other Clubs on the Great Lakes.