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The Best Social Club and Boating Value in Milwaukee

Become a full member at one of the coolest places in Milwaukee! Renting a slip costs as little as $1,787 a year. We make fun affordable. Below, please see the full schedule of membership classes and fees. We require a $100 nonrefundable deposit, which is credited to your account at the time of your formal induction as a new member.

Active Membership

Initiation fee - $850 ($897 with tax)

Annual dues - $814 ($859 with tax)

Monthly bar/restaurant minimum - $40

Associate II (Ages 26-30)

Initiation fee - $85 annual assessment ($90 with tax)1

Annual dues - $543 ($573 with tax)

No monthly bar/restaurant minimum

Associate I (Ages 18-25)

Initiation fee - $85 annual assessment ($90 with tax)1

Annual dues - $271 ($286 with tax)

No monthly bar/restaurant minimum

About Associate Initiation Fees

While an associate member, you pay an annual initiation assessment of about $90. Your assessments accrue to defray the cost of your eventual entry into the club as a full Active member. 

2020 Slip Fees (includes tax)

• 40Ft - $1,787 
• 45Ft - $2,284
• 50Ft - $2,831
• 60Ft - $4,072
 Due to high lake levels and a storm-damaged breakwall, our slips will be closed for the 2020 season. We are working with the county and FEMA to speed repairs of the breakwall and expect to have slips available to rent in 2021. Slip assignments are based on seniority. The sooner you join, the earlier your seniority date and the better your chances of getting a slip.  Contact our slips director, Glenn Ponting.

And don't forget, even if you don't get a slip, you can always obtain a mooring privately and use our Tender Service ($300/yr) for a ride out to your boat.  The Club Office can connect you with a mooring service.

2020 Dry Sail Fees (includes tax)

• 14-16FT boat: $209
• 17-20FT boat: $228
• 21-24FT boat: $279
• 25-33FT boat: $367 

Inquire of the office relative to availability for 2020. 

Two Ways to Join

• Download a PDF of our application form, print it out and mail it in with a $100 check.


• Apply online and pay your application fee online. (You also will be given the option of paying offline by personal check.)

Apply online

And now, you can take us for a test drive before you join.

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Learn More About  TRY SSYC

Have  a Question About Joining?

Becky ArchibaldBecky Archibald

SSYC Director Becky Archibald chairs our Membership Committee and is in charge of recruitment. She wants to hear from folks who are interested in joining the club. Becky and her committee are also here to help new members who recently have joined.