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SSYC Power Fleet

Members of our power fleet match the intensity of our sail racers, but take it the other way for six. The only competition going on here is to see who can attain the most complete, total and perfect state of relaxation. This group is on a mission to just enjoy the day.

They take sociability seriously. Members have a great time just being together. Which they do throughout the year. You don't need to fish. You don't need to cruise. You just need to enjoy being in the company of fellow power boaters.

Power boats occasionally break down, like any mechanized vehicle. Membership in the power fleet gives you access to a vast pool of knowledge and a host of friendly consultants.

One of the most visible ways the power fleet likes to have fun is by giving back to the community as volunteers. For example, every summer they set aside a day for Milwaukee's Big Brothers/Big Sisters, giving boat rides and a picnic supper to any needy child who wants one. It's always a high point of the season. There's also an annual picnic and boat ride event for high school foreign exchange students in partnership with Milwaukee's Rotary Club chapter.

Power fleet volunteers also support the Milwaukee chapter of Fishing Has No Boundaries. They hosted the group's first-ever Lake Michigan fishing event. Twenty-five anglers - many with severe disabilities - enjoyed a morning fishing for trout and salmon. A picnic followed and, of course, the sharing of stories about the big one that got away. 

SSYC power boaters, in partnership with the Milwaukee Fire Department, Milwaukee Police Department and US Coast Guard Auxiliary, organize an annual water safety seminar that's free and open to the public. Other activities include cruises and hosting the annual open house for the Lake Michigan Yachting Association. And let's not forget the annual Fish On/Fish Off tournament.

To get involved, just ask to start being included. Contact : Robert Roberson, powerboat committee chair at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Power Fleet's Wine Tasting 2018