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How do I apply for a slip?

First, you must be a member. Obtain a slip waiting list form from the office or download it from the website. Complete it and turn it in with a $100 nonrefundable deposit.* When you sign your slip contract, the $100 will be applied toward your total bill. Your ranking on the list depends solely on seniority. The order in which people sign up for the waiting list doesn't matter. The earlier your seniority date, the better your chances.

*If you are on the list but decide not to be considered for a slip opening, you must notify the office in writing prior to the slip move & change day in order to receive a deposit refund. Lacking such notification, fourteen days after slip change and if you should refuse a slip when offered, the $100 deposit will be forfeited.

When will I know if I can get a slip?

Not until our annual slip change meeting. At the meeting your name will be called by seniority. You will then choose a slip if one is available.

What if I joined after annual “slip change?”

If we have slips available for the start of the season, you have the option to choose one right away without being put on a waiting list.

What if I want to move to a different slip?

Obtain a slip change/move form from the office or download it from the website, fill it out and turn it in. Then you will have to attend the next slip change meeting. There is one circumstance which will allow you to change slips after the season has begun. If it turns out that your boat doesn't fit the slip you chose, the dock master can move you to a transient slip. You may not be able to stay there all summer, but we will find another transient slip for you.

Where can I get a slip change form or slip request form?

At the service counter in the office; or you can download them right here from the Slip Documents section, under Download PDFs. 

Members, if you log in, you also will be able to apply for a slip or request a slip change right here on the website. Those clicks are hidden from the public. To see and use you must be a logged-in member of SSYC. Contact the help desk if you need assistance. Sign up for slip change here. Get on the slip waiting list here.

What do slips cost?*

• 40Ft - $1,786.75 
• 45Ft - $2,284.13
• 50Ft - $2,831.14
• 60Ft - $4,071.94
*Prices shown are for the 2020 season and include tax.

What is expected of slip owners each spring and fall?

At the time you are assigned a slip, you receive a copy of the slip rules and conditions, environmental rules, and two copies of the license. All requirements are spelled out in those documents along with rules which apply while you are occupying your slip.

These documents can also be referenced and downloaded right here in the Slip Documents section.

What if I have problems with my slip either structurally or aesthetically?

Contact Glenn Ponting, Slips Committee chair.