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Slip Sign-up On-line Instructions

In order to be able to sign up on-line, you must first be logged in the this website.  The Login button is at the upper right-hand corner of page.  Once logged-in, and if your ID is associated with teh "SSYC Members" group, then additional menu options that are subordinate to this one will appear.

Members who currently have slips have the option to change to a different slip as part of our annual slip-change change process.  However, you must be pro-active and place your name on the change list.  The easiest way to do that is through the on-line proces on this website. 

Members who have placed themselves on this list will be offered the opportunity to change slips at the annual chage meeting, and they will be called in seniority order.  One must be present at the meeting or assign someone else to be your proxy.  The specific slips available will change as members make their selections, so it is not possible to provide a list prior to the meeting.

Once members who have asked to have the option of changing slips have been called, then individuals looking to obtain a slip will be given their opportunity.  Once again, members must have reuested that their name be placed on the waiting list ahead of the meeting.  And that too can be done through this website.

Members requesting slips will be processed in seniority sequence until all available slips have been chosen.

If you have signed-in to the website (upper right-hand corner), then:

     You can place your self on the slip-change list by clicking here, and you can view the names on the list by clicking here.

     You can place your self on the new slip request list by clicking here, and you can view the names on that list by clicking here.

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