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South Shore Yacht Club General Rules and Regulations

(April, 2014)


The By-Laws require four general membership meetings each year. They take place at 7:00 P.M. in the Club house dining room on the third Thursday of March, June, September, and December. The September meeting is when the annual election of officers occurs and the December meeting is the installation of the new officers and presentation of the next year’s budget. For the specific date of each meeting, please see the on-line club calendar. Special meetings may be called from time to time, as provided by the By-Laws.


The number of Active memberships in South Shore Yacht Club is limited by the By-Laws to 600. The number of Associate memberships may not exceed 10% of the Active memberships. There is no limit on other classes of membership. Wisconsin residents are given preference.


Applicants may obtain an informational packet along with the membership application from the Club Office. The completed application should be returned to the Club Office accompanied by the candidate's wait list deposit. If accepted, the deposit will apply toward the candidate's initiation fee. If the candidate withdraws before initiation, the deposit will not be refunded.


The candidate's name will be placed on the waiting list in chronological order based on the application postmark, or date received by the Yacht Club if delivered in person.


Candidates are notified by mail when they are to be considered to fill an opening. The general membership is made aware of this since the names of those being considered are posted on the bulletin board for 30 days. During this period any member may notify the Membership Committee of any reason why a candidate should not become a member. Candidates are to be present during Candidate Orientation. The Induction is usually held at one of the monthly Board of Directors meetings. The balance of any fees must be paid at the time of Induction. An applicant who becomes eligible, but chooses to pass for whatever reason, will forfeit the filing deposit.


Until induction, candidates are issued a temporary card and may use the Club facilities without house charging privileges.


The surviving spouse of a recently deceased member is entitled to special consideration under Article III, Sec. 8 & 18 of the By-Laws.


Any member who is not indebted to the Club nor has any charges pending, may resign in good standing by writing to the Financial Secretary and surrendering his or her membership card. Such a letter must be postmarked prior to January 1 to avoid obligation for the following year's dues and fees. Members who resign in good standing receive special consideration upon rejoining per Article III, Sec. 14 of the By-Laws. A member who resigned in good standing and wishes to rejoin within 10 years will be placed at the top of the waiting list and need pay only 1/2 the initiation fee, along with the normal amount of dues at that time. Those who allow their membership to lapse or are indebted to the Club in any way, will receive no consideration of any kind until all indebtedness is paid.


Checks for dues and fees should be made payable to South Shore Yacht Club. Unless otherwise specified, they should be mailed to the Financial Secretary, at the Club address: 2300 E. Nock St., Milwaukee, WI 53207-2360.


The Financial Secretary will issue photo identification cards bearing the member's name, number, and when requested, to spouses or significant others. This card is to be the only means of identification used at the Club. VISA, MASTERCARD and DISCOVER are accepted in the bar and restaurant. Membership cards are not transferable. Loaning your card to another person or using another member’s number to house charge will subject you to disciplinary action. The clubhouse is a non-smoking facility. Smoking is prohibited in the clubhouse including E-cigarettes. An outside heated and screened smoking area is available on the south side of the clubhouse. Please dispose of your smoking materials responsibility.


The Club is the appropriate place for such activities as committee meetings, social gatherings and such related interest groups as racing fleets and seamanship classes. Dates should be cleared with the Club management. Use of the Club for private brunches, luncheons, dinners, parties, receptions and meetings is encouraged. A member must sponsor such events. Tax forms are provided where applicable. Address requests to Club management. Opportunities are limited during the boating season, but available dates abound during autumn, winter and spring.


Annual membership dues are to be paid on or before January 1st. Prompt payment is an obligation of membership. The provisions of Article V, Section 9 of the By-Laws will be strictly enforced.


The Monthly Minimum Spending for the Bar and Restaurant for the Club is $40.00 (before tax and tip ). Below are the dates members are REQUIRED to spend their minimums by: A thru G = 11th – 10th (example March 11th thru April 10th ) H thru O = 21st – 20th (example March 21st – April 20th ) P thru Z = 1st – last day of the month (example March 1st –March 31st) Please feel free to contact the office at 414-481-2331 to check on the balance of your spending if you feel that you may be close to your monthly minimum.


South Shore Yacht Club is a family orientated organization and encourages family participation in events and activities at the Club. Children must be accompanied by their parents while on the club grounds docks and members boats at all times. Parents are responsible for the conduct of the children. Under no circumstances are children allowed at the bars in the clubhouse at any time. In all other areas of the clubhouse children must be accompanied by their parents. Children are also allowed access to the ‘heads’ via the outside doors located on the south side of the clubhouse. It is recommended that due to the current water levels, children under 12 years old wear Coast Guard approved life jackets while on docks or finger piers.


Pets (on a leash) are allowed on the paved areas of the club, as well as on the docks. (Please pickup after your pet.) Dogs are not allowed on the grass area in front of the clubhouse. Pets are not allowed within the clubhouse building due to health codes.


The Club By-Laws provide that dry sail, locker rental, slip rental, dinghy storage and winter storage on the grounds will be based on seniority. Seniority is determined from the Club records by the Financial Secretary. It is based on cumulative years of Active and Life Membership. However, Juniors who joined prior to October 1, 1970, shall have their seniority begin as of the date they joined the Club, since all members accumulated seniority in those early years. Every Active or Life member is senior to every Associate and Nonresident Member. A period of Nonresident membership neither adds nor reduces a member's seniority.


In general, Club facilities are intended for the use of members, their families and their guests. The Internal Revenue Service requires that the member pay for all services; otherwise, our tax exempt status could be jeopardized.


South Shore Yacht Club is an organization of ladies and gentlemen. Proper conduct is expected. Members are responsible for the behavior of their guests; visiting skippers are responsible for the behavior of their crews.


The South Shore Yacht Club By-Laws empower the Commodore to suspend any member for rule violations or unbecoming conduct. After a hearing, the Board of Directors may take such action as is deemed proper, up to and including expulsion.


Visiting yachtsmen must sign a guest register. They are welcome in all Clubhouse facilities. Upon request, temporary key cards may be issued to allow admission to heads during hours when the Clubhouse is closed. SSYC reciprocates with recognized Yacht Clubs.


Admission to the Club grounds is limited to members and their guests. Guests must be accompanied by a member at all times when on Club property. Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests. The front gates are normally open from dawn to dusk. They are kept locked at all other times. If a guard is on duty, members will be requested to show their membership key cards. One gate key is issued to each member and spouse or significant other upon initiation. A second key for a spouse may be obtained at the Club office. If additional key cards are desired for any reason fees will be charged as posted in the Club office. No key cards are to be given or loaned to nonmembers.


Members' vehicles with SSYC decals affixed to their windshields may be parked on the grounds when space is available. Loose decals will not be honored. Guests must park outside the gate. Members receive one windshield decal. Additional decals may be obtained at the Club office for $4.00 each. Members may park only one vehicle on the grounds at any time. Vehicles include motorcycles, scooters or any other form of motorized transportation. Vehicles must be parked in marked spaces only, not in aisles, roadways, or other reserved areas. If any vehicle is parked in violation of any of these rules, a violation notice will be issued, the identity of the vehicle will be recorded, and the member will be charged a penalty of $25.00 for the first violation, $50.00 for the second violation. If violations continue, Board action will result. ‘ Long term parking( more than three days) requires a permit from the office and a set of keys must be left with the Club office should the car have to be moved for an emergency.


Dry sailing spaces are reserved for boats and absolutely closed to motor vehicle parking. Do not park in front of the fire hydrant or under the small north or south derricks.


There is a bicycle rack for members use located on the Club grounds. There is no charge for using it. Bicycles may be walked to a boat on the docks, but under no circumstances are they allowed to be ridden on the docks at any time. Skates, skateboards and rollerblades may not be used on the docks at any time and may be walked to a boat on the docks. Motorbikes, scooters, etc., that fit on a member's yacht may be taken to the yacht via the dock, but may not be ridden on the docks at any time.


Several parties are scheduled each year at the Club. They are announced in the COMPASS or direct mail. Members may bring reasonable numbers of guests.


The South Shore Yacht Club publication the COMPASS is the official publication of the Club and is published throughout the year. Contributions of articles, drawings and pictures (prints, not transparencies) are encouraged. Deadlines vary, check with the Publications Chair for dates. Leave copy of your article at the Club office or email them to Commercial advertising is sold to offset some costs, if space permits and the Publications Chairman approves. Regular ad rates are available from the committee chair or the Club office.


The official bulletin board, for notices required by the By- Laws and other regulations, is in the Clubhouse north foyer. Members may post notices there with the approval of the Club management. Articles advertised must relate to boating and may not be part of a commercial venture. Leave notices at the Club office. Such notices will be removed from the board after 30 days. Race results, Racing fleet information, fleet standings and other information pertaining to water and sail/race activities will be posted on the derrick house bulletin board near the derrick.


A limited number of indoor lockers are available in the men’s locker room and outdoor lockers for all members may be rented from the Club (see fee list). For an indoor or outdoor locker, apply to Club management at the Club office.


SSYC does not have legal jurisdiction over the anchorage. All moorings must be registered with the Harbor Commission (Port of Milwaukee), located just to our north at 2323 S. Lincoln Memorial Drive. The phone number is 414-286-3511.


The tender will normally operate between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. week- ends and holidays and between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. other days from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Hours may change for special events or after Labor Day. Schedules and changes to the schedules will be posted on the dock house windows. A tender pass is required to use the tender. It may be purchased at the Club office. See fee list for current price. The tender is for the use of members only. Capacity is 14 persons; operators may not exceed it. During busy periods, you will be limited to taking only 2 people per moored boat in the tender. Bring your boat to a face dock to pick up or discharge larger parties. Pets may be carried on the Tender if they are carried in a container designed for that purpose.


All dinghies to be stored on Club grounds must be on one of the Club storage racks when not in use, during the boating season. Dinghies must have a current sticker and owners membership number prominently displayed. Dinghy stickers are available at the Club office. Two numbered stickers will be issued; one is to be affixed to the dinghy; and one to the space on the rack where it is to be stored. Do not store your dinghy in a space that has another member's sticker on it. Dinghy racks are used for spar storage in winter and must be cleared of all dinghies by the start of fall haul-out. A penalty will be assessed for any dinghy left on the racks after that date. After the aforementioned date, dinghies may be left on the grounds near the dinghy launch ramps until Oct. 31, if you have a boat on a mooring.


The Club has 230 slips available to Active and Life members on an annual basis by license agreement. The license term is from April 15 to October 31. Fees, agreement and certificate of insurance are due as stated in the license agreement. Slip vacancies are filled, according to membership seniority, from a waiting list posted on the Club bulletin board. To get on the list, obtain a slip application at the Club office. Complete and return it, with a $100 nonrefundable deposit, to the office. The deposit will apply toward the license fee. Licensees must familiarize themselves with terms, conditions and the Slip License rules. The licensee must also provide verification that the yacht to be docked in the leased slip is owned by the licensee. If the yacht is owned by more than one person, the licensee must have at least fifty percent ownership. This verification must be satisfactory to the Slip Review Committee, which is a subcommittee of the Slip Committee, and annually reviews all leases. Slips must be cleared of lines and other temporary fixtures as defined in the Slip Rules by October 31. Slips may be available for short-term rental. See "Docking - Transient Slips".


If questions arise about equipment, procedures, hazards or other concerns involving slips and docks, contact your dock captain. The dock captains are appointed by the Slip Committee Chair. Dock captains names are posted at the beginning of each dock.


Dry sail storage is available to all members who own a boat that can be launched from one of the small derricks. Space is assigned, based on availability, boat type, and seniority. If space is in short supply, recognized racing fleets will be given priority. Vacancies are filled from a waiting list at the Club office. To get on the list, obtain an application at the Club office. Complete and return it, with a $25 nonrefundable deposit to the office. The Deposit will apply toward the license fee. Vessels must be kept on a trailer, and only one trailer per assigned space is allowed. All stored boats must have a current coded sticker issued by the Grounds Committee affixed to the transom. Stickers are available at the Club office upon payment of the dry sail fee and acceptance of the Dry Sail Storage Contract. See fee list for current cost. All dry sailed boats must be removed from Club grounds prior to the first haul-out; thereafter a daily penalty will be assessed.


Each small derrick has a 3,000 pound capacity. Each is activated from a key switch. Any member who has a Dry Sail Storage Contract will be issued a key. Members using dry storage or the small derricks must read and sign a waiver available in the Club office. A coded sticker furnished with the key must be attached to the stern of the boat. Boats without stickers may not use the small derricks. Members, who have paid large derrick fees for winter storage, may use small derricks to handle heavy loads, other than spars, during the following boating season. A key may be obtained from the office for this use. A deposit is required Members who use the derrick for heavy loads are expected to cooperate with the dry sailors, and not obstruct their use of the derricks for extended periods. Members are required to remove equipment from the derrick area the same day they remove it from their boat.


Yachts may lie alongside the fuel dock only while fueling. Smoking is prohibited in the area, and all safety precautions must be observed or service will be refused. Gasoline, diesel fuel, lubricating oil and holding tank pumpout service is available. Payment by cash, personal check, house charge or charge card (MasterCard, Visa or Discover) is acceptable. Service will be provided by the tender operators on duty. The fuel dock is open only during the hours the tender is operating. If fuel is in short supply, it will only be sold to SSYC members and members of Clubs offering reciprocity.


Any member may dock his or her yacht on any of the Club's face docks, except the front dock, for up to 2 hours without charge. For longer periods, the member must register with the Dock Master on duty and dock at the location assigned by the Dock Master. Overnight docking at any time is subject to the docking fee. All day docking is also subject to the docking fee, but may be waived at the discretion of the Dock Master. Yachts rafted to a docked boat are subject to the same fees. Unattended boats not registered with the Dock Master will be charged a docking fee.


Any member desiring to use a slip on a transient basis before Memorial Day may do so at no charge, but must have permission of the licensee to use it. Additionally, members must sign in with Club management and provide a Certificate of Insurance. Any member using a slip or a face dock on a transient basis must be familiar with the "Slip Rules and Regulations" as set forth by the Slip Committee, and agree to abide by them. A copy may be obtained from the Dock Masters or the Club management. From Memorial Day until the slips are closed for the season, a member may use a transient slip for the fee shown on the fee schedule in this book. Arrangements for this must be made with the Dock Master or the Club Manager, before the member may occupy the slip. After the slips close for the season, any yacht docked in a slip or on a face dock will be assessed a $25.00 per day charge plus the in-season docking fee.


By arrangement with the Dock Master, visiting yachts may lie in vacant slips for a fee.


Winter boat storage at the Club is a privilege that is allocated by Club seniority. Members must apply each year by signing the application on the annual membership information sheet, which is part of your dues notice. All storage applicants will be billed for a deposit fee as posted in the Club office. If storage is granted, the deposit applies to it; if denied, the deposit is refunded. Members who apply for and receive a storage contract, and then reject it, forfeit the deposit. The conditions of storage are stated in the storage contract which each eligible member must sign and return to the Club by August 1st. The large derrick is limited to 15 ton capacity and 55 feet of boat length. All members are entitled to lift service for purposes other than boat storage at the Club. NOTE: Only designated derrick operators may operate the large derrick. Members who use a small derrick and store on the grounds pay the large derrick rates. Haul out time is limited to 1 hour per boat. If a member has unusual circumstances that require more time, arrangements must be made with the Derrick Engineers, or penalty of $25.00 will be assessed for the first hour over the allotted time, and $15.00 for each additional hour or portion thereof.

Boats damaged during the boating season will be allowed 7 days on the grounds of the Club, without storage charges. Newly acquired boats may spend 3 days on the grounds without charge before launching. Emergency use of the large derrick is limited to 24 hours in the slings for each emergency. Mid-season rates apply only if the boat remains in the slings; if it is placed on a skid or trailer, season-end rates apply. Failure to comply with derrick operation time limits and schedules,may at the discretion of the Waterfront Services Committee, subject the member to penalties as stated in the rules and conditions of the storage contract. Trailers for boats not stored on the grounds, or not used for dry sailing, must be removed from the grounds the day the boat is launched, and must not be brought onto the grounds before the day of haul out. Storage for spars is available to all members, whether their boat is stored at the Club or not. Rigging of spars on the lawn or using lawn furniture for support of equipment is prohibited. Members who are not eligible for boat storage at the Club, but who wish to avail themselves of other derrick services, such as lifting a boat to put it on a trailer that is hauled away, or lifting a spar for a boat that is not stored at the Club; must make an appointment at the Club office and sign the appropriate contract for the service desired. All appointments for use of the large derrick are to be made with the Club Office at least 48 hours in advance. Emergency mid-season haul out arrangements are also made with the Club Office.


Safety practices must be enforced at all times while using the derrick. Only authorized derrick engineers are allowed to operate the main derrick. The Derrick Engineers are authorized to refuse to move, launch, or haul out any boat, if they deem that so doing would jeopardize the safety of any personnel or equipment. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of unsafe skids or trailers, inadequate number of helpers, or weather conditions that could be dangerous. The schedules for launch and haul out are determined by the Waterfront Services committee. All appointments must be made thru Club management. Appointments are scheduled by Club management and are posted on the Club calendar. SKID LOT The club-owned lot on the west side of the county parking lot may be used by any member for storing a skid or trailer after launch or before haul out for not more than 3 days. Any use over 3 days will be billed at $10.00 per day.


Report all accidents promptly to the Club office. If an accident or incident happens, when possible please report it to the office so that an incident report can be made out. Members are expected to keep their storage areas ship- shape, and to clean up after haul out and launch. They are also expected to keep their slip area shipshape and free of clutter. Do not leave dock lines where they cause problems for other members. Gasoline or other flammable materials may not be stored in lockers or dock boxes. SWIMMING City ordinance prohibits swimming from the Club docks and slips.


Don't pollute. Bring your trash ashore for disposal. Discard it only in the large designated containers near the main gate. Exercise pets outside the main gate. Members are responsible for the conduct of their pets. Remember, Milwaukee has a leash law. No fishing or cleaning fish on the Club's piers. Avoid glass breakage. Only plastic beverage cups are permitted outside of the clubhouse, including the upper and lower decks and on the lawn. Please deposit all waste oil in the storage tank provided near the main gate. Scavenging for aluminum cans or other salvageable refuse in the containers is not allowed.


Milwaukee enforces a 5-mile per hour speed limit in the anchorage, including the fairway paralleling the breakwater. Be considerate; the skipper causing damage to docked boats or shore facilities is legally liable. These Rules and Regulations are subject to change at the discretion of the Club’s Board of Directors

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