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welcome aboard ad2 490

Interested in becoming a new member? But don't have any personal connections at the club? You're not alone. And you don't have to stay alone.

Our Welcome Aboard program can connect you with a new-member steward. It's an instant friend who will introduce you to more friends and answer all your many questions about club life. Your steward is your go-to guide to the ins and outs of belonging to South Shore Yacht Club.

Joining any new social group can cause angst. We're taking all the angst out of joining our tribe. You'll be part of the gang in no time.

To hook up with your new-member steward is easy. 

PattyThompson thumbnailBecky Archibald

SSYC Director Becky Archibald chairs our Membership Committee and is in charge of recruitment. He can find a personal SSYC steward for you.