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Chair Auctioneighteen chairs

          Chairs by the Lake Auction

Bid for a one-of-a-kind adirondack chair, hand painted by a local artist.  The Auction will benefit Big Brothers/Big Sisters.  

Meet the Artists: (click on their names to learn more about each of them)

     Craig Yanek 

     Dani Marino Graf 

     Dolly McCarten 

     Ella Marie Koutecky 

     Erika Wilcox 

     Jean Wolfrum 

     Jenny Anderson 

     Jill L Erickson 

     Kathleen MacDougall 

     Liz Barton 

     Mario Lanza 

     Nancy Ruditys 

     Shanda Louis Pearce 

     Shanna Olson

     Shelby Keefe 

     Suzanne Stracke Shea 

     Taylor & Teagan Wake 

     Thomas Shea 

     Val Kupczak-Rios


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