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The Great PS'R

This event brings together power boaters and sailors to teach each other new boat-handling skills. During the power-boat phase of the event, the sailor is at the helm; and vice versa for the sailing phase. It's been run since 1987 and was invented by Ken Dziubek and his late brother Ray.

PSR groupInitially the Great PS'R was a fishing contest. But that evolved over time because the sailors had a hard time rising before dawn. Today the event is a poker run. Each team must retrieve three ballooons. Inside is a piece of paper with a number on it. The highest point total wins. Nobody has to be an expert captain. Or the world's greatest sailor.

Over time we've had as many as 10 teams, 20 boats. The average is about six teams, 12 boats. The trophy, which you'll see in our trophy case, was crafted by our very own Jack Wooten, power boater and SSYC member.

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