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Gale Tom 2014Looking back before looking forward, we have to thank a couple of people for the wonderful Kentucky Derby Party starting with Laura Wehnes and her decorating crew including the Berkowski gang.  I also need to thank manager Pat Nora who researches and finds the majority of the bands we all get to listen to, including the Derby day band.

Pat and I typically discuss what we’re looking for and then he sets about filling our goal.  For New Year’s Eve this past season Pat found and presented seven bands before we settled on “Exhibit A”.  I wanted a band with a girl singer, but also male lead singers as well.  Not that Boy Bands don’t do well, I guess The Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Maroon Five all had fair runs, but I wanted the versatility that a female singer brings to a band for the evening’s entertainment.

Kentucky Derby01  Kentucky Derby02  Kentucky Derby03  Kentucky Derby04 
 Kentucky Derby05  Kentucky Derby06  Kentucky Derby07  Kentucky Derby08

We often get tips from members about groups they’ve seen and we always check them out.  Sometimes we hire them, and sometimes they’re out of our budget.  For an average Saturday night, we don’t go above $400.  For the Review of the Fleet, Queen’s Cup, Corn Roast, Halloween, and Change of Watch, we spend a little more. New Year’s Eve is often our most expensive band because all bands that are any good are hired early and you have to pay a little bit of a premium to get a really good group.

Our next Entertainment event is the Review of the Fleet and we’re bringing back the ultimate party band “DuPage”.  This will be their 3rd or 4th time with us.  One of our measurements of a good band is how crowded the dance floor gets.  With “DuPage”, it’s always packed!  If you haven’t seen them before, be sure to catch their show on Saturday June 7th under the tent.

Speaking of “Review of the Fleet”, the event starts off at 3pm with the singing of the National Anthem by Stephanie Fabus, the blessing of the fleet by Rev Jon Jacobs, the Cannon Salute by Mike Dziubek and his brigade and then the flotilla passes in review.  The first boat is always the Lilly E which then heads out to the green bell buoy to place a wreath in the water to commemorate those who have passed.  Immediately following the fleet of 30 or more boats is our ever popular pig roast.

American FlagFor any and all boats that would like to be in the Review, all you have to do is attend the skipper’s meeting on the lawn in front of the club at 2:15 and then have your boat on the water in the staging area in front of the Coast Guard station by about 2:50pm.  This year’s theme will be “Display the Colors”.  The boat with the best display will receive tokens for adult beverages for the captain and his crew.  The vote will be by the Commodore and his Flag Officers.  I also need every participant to give me a written description of their vessel, including its name, size, weight, propulsion, age, captain, and any and all factoids that the audience would find interesting to hear me read as you pass in review.  For example, “...been in 22 Queen’s Cups”, “…original owner for 27 years”, “…third generation in our family to own”, “…cost more than my wedding”, “…used for Lake Michigan fishing and considering the purchase, storage, fuel consumption, maintenance, and insurance, each fish I catch costs about $170.”

Okay, you get the idea “interesting factoids” for me to prattle on about and entertain the audience.  We are also expecting the Police, Fire Boat, and Coast Guard, so whenever they show up, please yield the right of way, so they can be back on patrol if they need to be.

Okay, let’s talk about the pig roast at 5pm on that day because I have to really salute Board Member Luke Radomski for getting this started again 5 or 6 years ago.  When Luke was entertainment chair he brought up at one of the Board meetings that he wanted to do an old fashioned “pig roast”.  He was quickly told that they are too expensive and don’t work.  But one of the advantages of being young is that you don’t know what can’t be done, so you do it anyway.  Luke didn’t set out to roast 10 pigs, only one for show.  The rest are 15 or 20 pork shoulders that are slow smoked for 12 hours, then pulled apart by the red apron grill team, and reheated in our ovens.  The second year Luke did it, he added a couple of beef briskets that are also smoked for 12 hours.  The special sauces that are in the big “Squirt On Yourself” bottles, are Luke and his Smoker Chef’s secret recipes.  The result is smoked meat that is tender as a mother’s love.  Pat Nora added a large compliment of different salads and rolls, and ladies and gentlemen, it’s a Party in your mouth!

So, it’s the review at 3pm, the food at 5pm, and the music at 7pm.  Watch, Eat, Drink, and Dance.  That’s just another beautiful day at SSYC.

My next Entertainment Committee meeting is this Wednesday May 28th at 7pm at the Club.  If you’re a NEW Member, please consider joining my Entertainment Committee.  It’s all the really kewl people in the Club!

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Sailing and Racing

SailboatsIf you are interested in sailing, and more specifically racing, there are ample opportunities to join one of our racing fleets, or to crew on one of the boats in those fleets.  The women's fleet races on Mondays, small boats race on Tuesdays.  Big boats race on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  And the double handed fleet races on Fridays.

You can learn more about the various racing fleets by clicking here.  And the racing schedule (for all fleets) is available here.


PowerboatOur power boaters are active fishermen.  An annual fishing contest is held in July.  

In addition, our power boaters host a number of events, usually on Thursdays as well as many weekends.

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KaszubeCupSSYC offers sailing lessons and a year-round program for children ages 8 - 18.  We offer a six-week series of lessons in Opti's, 420's and Lasers.  Our juniors attend a number of regattas throughout the summer, and host one of thelargest regattas on Lake Michigan, the Kaszube Cup.

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PartyThe restaurant is open every Friday for lunch and dinner.  

The Entertainment Committee hosts various parties, including:

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  • Disco Night
  • Kentucky Derby
  • Review of the Fleet
  • Corn Roast
  • Change of Watch
  • New Year's Eve

and many other, less formal, events throughout the year.

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