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By Carolyn Nason

Here’s a way to stay stylin’ even if it’s raining.


https://www.rainraps.com/collection/  They fit in a tiny pouch. $60 is a bit pricey but there are some on sale for half off.

Do you travel a lot? Check out http://www.thechickonthego.com/ Chick on the Go. Using their 5 pieces you can make 25 combinations of different outfits.

And for the guys… http://www.ministryofsupply.com/home-new4?utm_expid=60837079-5 look great even after a long flight.

What weighs 5 oz and is about the size of a pair of socks? Why of course its your yoga mat.

http://www.yogapaws.com/default.aspx Wearable yoga mat is actually gloves for your hands and feet. No excuses now missing out on your downward dog!


flash drive wrist band 4 GB for about 19 bucks. 8GB available for $24


If you have little kids sticky bibs this is for you! http://www.stickybibs.com/

Great for traveling. Hmm... I can think of a couple big kids here at the yacht club that could use them, too.


Bond. James Bond. If you are a gotta-get-it-gadget-kinda-guy or gal, here’s a cool one for you from Pivothead http://pivothead.com/ You can make hands free videos while looking cool in these shades. With the accessorcies you can send the video and watch right on your smart phone. Wow.

International SOS travel insurance and assistance in case of medical emergencies.

Ick. Fruit flies. Great use for too ripe bananas. put a couple small banana chunks in a jar or other container. Cover plastic wrap poke a few holes using toothpick. No escape for the fruit flies.

Nov and Dec you’ll find the best deals on tvs according to DealNews.com. Speaking of tvs didja know best buys “house band is called “Insignia”.

According to Mark Di Vincenzo's new book “Buy Ketchup in May and Fly at Noon” Wednesday is your best to buy shoes and kid's clothes online. Sundays for swimsuits.

Gasoline: gas stations typically don’t change prices until between 10ma and noon. So get gas in the AM if fuel prices are rising. In the afternoon if declining prices.

http://www.villagetaways.com/ rent a villa great for group travel.

http://en.parisinfo.com/ for great deals specials in Paris.

Help with your tarp. Pour concrete into a yogurt container and insert a stiff wire or piece of coat hanger in the center. Then dry twist the wire through the tarp eyelets.

Look for “microwave-safe” containers and dishes when thinking about nuking your food. They won’t leach chemicals into your food and they’re BPA free.

To make a great cheesecake, when done turn off the oven, door slightly open for a half hour. You’ll get that silky smooth, creaminess consistency

Stay away from cheaper (cassia) cinnamon and go for the good stuff like Saigon or Vietnamese. They are stronger and more bang for your buck.

Dial 511. Will you be traveling Wisconsin highways and byways this summer? Get all the scoop on road construction and conditions all in one stop at www.511WI.Gov or dial 511. Or click here: http://www.511wi.gov/Web/Default.aspx

Global Entry card. Government program to get you through customs faster. Be a “trusted traveler” .www.globalentry.gov www.freep.com/section/COL21

Is there a connection between blueberries, blackberries and radishes and gray hair??

from Wikipedia:Gray hair.

According to recent scientific studies, low levels of catalase may play a role in the graying process of human hair. Hydrogen peroxide is naturally produced by the body and catalase breaks it down. If catalase levels decline, hydrogen peroxide cannot be broken down as well. This allows the hydrogen peroxide to bleach the hair from the inside out. This finding may someday be incorporated into cosmetic treatments for graying hair.[34][35][36]

Eat catalase rich blueberries, blackberries and radishes.

http://www.handymanclub.com/some 3 tips from them:

Using pliers but don’t want to pinch delicate parts? cover with plastic shrink tubing used to cover wiring. Slip over, use heat gun to shrink.

Use a label or white tape and write to identify power supply cords.

Check out Broadcastify at www.broadcastify.com. Get up to the minute live audio streams from all around the U.S. There’s even a mobile app for it.

Speed up the toasting process: only have a wide-slot 2-slice toaster? Put 2 pieces of bread in each slot, toast, turn and toast again.

Here’s something a little different. Eating a blood orange is a great to control your blood-sugar levels. The anthocyanins can help lower cravings and fatigue. Who knew?!

Cleaning stainless steel cookware is a pretty straight forward process. To remove stains on the inside of the pot, a little warm vinegar should do the trick. If the stains are on the bottom of the pan, use oven cleaner and follow the directions on the label. As for burn stains on the inside of the pan, a solution with vinegar, baking soda, and water along with a little heat will clean it right up.

Monitor your sleep with Fitbit One and Larklife

Make some extra cash…cha ching….Airbnb.com rent out your home (thinkin’ Harley Fest??) also craigslist.org, homeway, roomorama and VRBO.com

Relay-rides, Jolly Wheels, Getaround and Wheelz rent your car for a few hours and make $4 to $30 bucks how about sharing a ride to the airport for a quick $50 bucks.

No time for a rummage sale? Use Etsy and Tradesy online onsignment stores or Craig's List.

NOT IN MILWAUKEE YET BUT SOME CHICAGO TASKS AVAIL…TaskRabbit bid on tasks like housecleaning, pet sitting, event set up, assembling furniture, $15 to 100 an hour 

https://www.tripit.com/ organize your travel see itinerary on phone.

http://earth911.com/food/frozen-food-box-recycling/ great ideas also on twitter:

  • @Earth911
  • @NRDC environmental updates tips
  • @TakePart social issues and actions to make a difference.

How the world has changed…art on refrig is now save your (grand)kids’ art on your smartphone. Turn your phone into a digital art gallery using Artkive (free) or KidPix (free)  and mail it as a postcard using Sincerely app. ArtMyKidMade (free)

Here’s something different: The Memoto camera. where it on your shirt takes photos every 30 seconds all day long…”life blogging” $279 watch. Will time-lapse photo of your day with no audio surpass twitter? hmmm necessary??

couchsurfing.com “connects travelers looking for a place to stay with those offering their home

Viator.com finds /books tours travel exp

Tripzaar.com locals give tour of their town

http://www.atheartonline.com/  holds two 325-milligram aspirin in blister pack hangs onto key chain $5


Protect your identity. don’t give out your zip code to retailers. It opens your door to them. They get your address, send unsolicited mail e.g. credit card aps.

Put a Google Alert on your name by going to google.com/alerts. You get an email if your name pops up on the web.

Don’t use birthday, 123 or password for passwords. Make them “strong and complex”

Put your name on the donotmail list 1.usa.gov/QXIALi or pay a serice such as TrustedID to clean up your online existence.

iPad cookbook dashrecipes at incredibleEgg.org

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Join us on Saturday,
April 20th, 3-5 pm

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Deadline: March  22nd

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Thu Mar 21 @11:30AM
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Sailing and Racing

SailboatsIf you are interested in sailing, and more specifically racing, there are ample opportunities to join one of our racing fleets, or to crew on one of the boats in those fleets.  The women's fleet races on Mondays, small boats race on Tuesdays.  Big boats race on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  And the double handed fleet races on Fridays.

You can learn more about the various racing fleets by clicking here.  And the racing schedule (for all fleets) is available here.


PowerboatOur power boaters are active fishermen.  An annual fishing contest is held in July.  

In addition, our power boaters host a number of events, usually on Thursdays as well as many weekends.

Click here for additional information.


KaszubeCupSSYC offers sailing lessons and a year-round program for children ages 8 - 18.  We offer a six-week series of lessons in Opti's, 420's and Lasers.  Our juniors attend a number of regattas throughout the summer, and host one of thelargest regattas on Lake Michigan, the Kaszube Cup.

Click here to learn more about the Junior program, and here to find out more about the Kaszube Cup regatta.

Social Activities

PartyThe restaurant is open every Friday for lunch and dinner.  

The Entertainment Committee hosts various parties, including:

  • St. Patrick's Day
  • Disco Night
  • Kentucky Derby
  • Review of the Fleet
  • Corn Roast
  • Change of Watch
  • New Year's Eve

and many other, less formal, events throughout the year.

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