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So Worthwhile, And Affordable

Many people probably associate SSYC's Juniors Program with our popular summer series of youth sailing lessons. Yet, being an SSYC junior isn't all sailing all the time.

juniors logoThere are other fun events like trips to Great America, horseback riding, skiing and the annual "Junior Lock-In." Junior membership at South Shore Yacht Club provides a well-rounded experience emphasizing service to the club and to our wider community. That's how it's been from the start. It's how we're moving into future in the 21st Century. For more about our history and mission see "Community Minded."

The Juniors experience for your child will be a rich and rewarding one, teaching new life skills and providing a vehicle for new friendships and exciting adventures. Far more children belong to the organization than take sailing lessons.

We open our arms to all youth in metro Milwaukee. Open new horizons for your children today. And also perhaps new horizons for yourself.

Membership in the Juniors Organization costs only $20 a year, with a $10 initation fee. Questions? Dick Olson, the Junior Advisory Committee chair.

attention iconIf you are interested in sailing classes, please note that your child must belong to the Juniors Organization as a prerequisite.

Two Easy Ways to Join

Registration forms are available from the SSYC office. You also can view and download the form here. 

Or, Join the Juniors Organization right here online now.

Juniors Organization Membership

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PERSONAL REFERENCE: One required (not necessarily SSYC member or participant in the SSYC Junior Sailing Foundation)

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Release and Waiver of Liability and Covenant Not to Sue

Eligibility: Ages 8 thru 18. Parents need not be members of SSYC. In recognition that water front and boating activities pose some risk of injury, and for and in consideration of South Shore Yacht Club giving their approval of the use of their facilities to participants in the Junior Sailing Foundation, I agree to hold South Shore Yacht Club harmless from all suits, claims or demands of every kind and character arising out of or in connection with the use of the club's facilities by my child. I further agree to pay any such claims, suits and demands. It is understood and agreed that the use of South Shore Yacht Club facilities by my child shall include any and all activities as are necessary to practice or participate in the sport of sailing or boating and may also include other social activities on or off the club's grounds.

I have read the above release and accept its terms. I further understand that by clicking "yes," I hereby execute a legally binding signature.*
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