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Real People, Real Experiences

Cynthia Johnson

Dream Come True

One of Milwaukee's top public relations professionals, Cynthia is president and CEO at CJPR Counsel. She belongs as a non-boating social member.

“Ever since I was little girl in Bay View growing up on East Bennett Avenue, I dreamed of joining South Shore Yacht Club. It looked so exciting. Finally I’m a member, and everything about it has lived up to my dreams. It’s a great social club - just a wonderful place to hang out. Am not a boater myself, but I love people who boat. Being here for me has been nothing but a happy and comfortable experience.”


Dave Tucholka

The Best

Dave is a past commodore, longtime power boater and tireless volunteer for the Lake Michigan Yachting Association.

"The reason that I’m here is that, ever since I was a kid and able to walk, I wanted to be a member of South Shore Yacht Club. I have belonged now for 22 years and counting. It’s the best outfit you can join. We have the nicest, friendliest people. You can choose all kinds of activities - power boating, sailing, canoeing, fishing, on and on. Or you can just enjoy being at the club. I just feel it’s a great place in a great city.”



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