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The Nickel brothers, who joined South Shore Yacht Club shortly after World War I, gave long and dedicated service.Al Erv Nickel Award Plaque

Al was secretary, treasurer and COMPASS editor for over 30 years. Erv performed a variety of tasks during the period. Both provided steadying influence during the perilous period of the Great Depression. Their leadership touched the lives of many at South Shore.

The idea of an award to honor them, endorsed by many, was formalized in the spring of 1971 when a special committee under the chairmanship of Carl L. Mueller Jr. and including as members Norman Hundt, Harry Ziemann and Del Kemnitz settled on a memorial plaque.

Donations were solicited to finance the award. Life member Ross Lewis designed the plaque and keeper awards. Past Commodore George Walker did much of the metal work and engraving. The finished trophy was presented to the Club at the 1972 Commodore's Ball.

It is to be awarded each year to a member in good standing for contributions to South Shore Yacht Club representative of the high standards set by Al and Erv Nickel.

Selection of the recipient is made in the summer of each year by a committee including the Commodore, the Vice Commodore as an observer, the Chairpersons of the Sail/Race, Powerboat and House Committees and a Life member chosen by the Commodore.

The basis of consideration includes at least five years continuous membership, years of service on standing committees, character and sportsmanship of the recipient, participation in sailing, power boating or general Club activities and at least one year of outstanding service. Candidates must be active on a standing committee or in a Club post in the year for which the award is presented.

The plaque remains at South Shore Yacht Club. Recipients are given keeper awards.

The past recipients are:

 John Stollenwerk                          2017
 John Czeszak                               2017
 David Wehnes (PC)                       2016
 Bill Bronk                                      2015
 Michael Giannini                            2014
 John Barlow                                  2014
 Robert Aring (PC)                          2013

 Bruce W Nason  (PC)                    2012
 Jerry Kedziora                               2011
 Thomas M. Salkowski                    2011
 Joseph (Jerry) Rakowski                2010
 David H. Blomberg                        2009
 Norbert A. Zajc                             2008
 David A. Tucholka (PC)                 2007
 Gary E. Mattson (PC)                    2006
 Victor N. Weiler (PC)                     2005
 Edward L. Foster                           2004
 David J. Spiess                             2003
 Helen "Cookie" Mueller (PC)           2002
 Barbara R. Drake                           2001
 James E. Putney (PC)                   2000
 Kenneth Dziubek                           1999
 Raymond  Dziubek                        1999
 Dennis J. Noble (PC)                     1998
 John L. Archibald                          1997
 Ronald J. Nadolinski                     1997
 Herbert M. Blake                          1996
 Robert G. Helf                              1995
 Lowell I. Marks (PC)                     1994
 Terrance Case                             1993
 Harold O. Wehnes                        1992
 Michael A. Dukes                         1991
 Marshall Reckard (PC)                  1990
 Ronald Cornelius                          1989
 Louis R. Peterson                        1988
 Gerald Jonas                               1987
 Dr. Robert C. BIackwood              1986
 Ron Lemke                                  1985
Orville Lemke (PC)                        1985
 John P. Randa                             1984
 Clifford Hugg                                1983
 Harry S. Pease                            1982
 Donald J. Dillon                            1981
 Norman J. Hundt (PC)                   1980
 J. Gerald Schlosser (PC)               1979
 Walter M. Richter                          1978
 Don R. Trunk (PC)                         1977
 Maurice H. Price                           1976
 George Simonsen                         1975
 William G. Lepthien                       1974
 Leonard L. Reuter                          1974
 CarI L. Mueller Jr                           1973
 J. Thomas Poth (PC)                     1972

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